Partnering with our clients is fundamental to us. Constant interaction with our clients means that we understand their needs. We apply their feedback when developing our products.

We work with people who focus on the relationship between caregivers and their patients. We design our chairs thinking of both of them.

Our clients include:

Hospitals and Health Clinics
Our commitment focuses on the patients, their families and the caregivers. We work with the clinical staff to adjust the quality and efficiency of care.

Some of the hospitals we are proud to work in Spain are:
  • · Hospital de Vic (Barcelona)
  • · Hospital de Campdevànol (Girona)
  • · Hospital de Berga (Girona)
  • · Hospital de La Seu d’Urgell (Lleida)
  • · Hospital de Sant Celoni (Barcelona)
  • · Hospital de Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona)
  • · Hospital de Blanes (Girona)
  • · Hospital de Granollers (Barcelona)

Geriatric Homes
Seniors often suffer from reduced mobility. The use of our chair often means an increase in quality of life. Our chairs also assist professional caregivers in performing their tasks with less effort and reduce caregiver bed-chair transfer induced back injuries.
Primary Care and Medical Centers
The ability to adapt to the needs of the user and to add accessories makes our chairs a perfect tool for primary care and medical centers. The chair is particularly suitable for use by cardiologists, physiotherapists, dentists, denturists and laser eye clinicians.

Our chairs can also be used in private homes. People with reduced mobility require the constant attention of family members. Our chair will make life easier for all family members. Actions such as getting in and out of bed, standing up or moving from one room to another can be accomplished with little effort.
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