Product Specifications

Marina Automatic
Dimensions Overall Seat Arm height Full recline
Width 62cm.   /   24.4" 50cm.   /   19.7" 72cm.   /   28.3"  
Depth 80cm.   /   31.5" 49cm.   /   19.3"   170cm.   /   66.9"
Height 128cm.   /   50.4" 52cm.   /   20.5"    
Weight 69Kg.   /   151.8lb      
Maximum load 150Kg.   /   330lb      

Marina Automatic Plus (wider seat)
Dimensions Overall Seat Arm height Full recline
Width 67cm.   /   26.4" 56cm.   /   22" 72cm.   /   28.3"  
Depth 75cm.   /   29.5" 49cm.   /   19.3"   170cm.   /   66.9"
Height 127cm.   /   50" 52cm.   /   20.5"    
Weight 75Kg.   /   165lb      
Maximum load 150Kg.   / &nb 330lb      

Optional features

· Battery:
· A rechargeable battery will provide user with a much greater level of autonomy.

· Swing away table:
· Allows users with limited mobilty to use it while eating, reading or computing.

· Head rest:
· The adjustable head rest is removable, and provides greater comfort to the user.

· IV Pole:
· Stainless steel pole that fits into the adjustable IV Pole holder.

· IV Pole holder:
· Attaches to the multiple accessories bar. It is height, tilt and direction adjustable.

· Blood donor arm holder:
· The adjustable donor arm holder provides a comfortable arm position for a donor or patient.

· Oxygen tank holder:
· Attaches to the back of the chair to carry an oxygen cylinder.

Marina Automatic

The Marina Automatic recliner is our original product. It has demonstrated outstanding reliability and durability through use by hundreds of customers in both private and public hospital settings. The Marina Automatic recliner embodies a novel concept, namely an automatic reclining chair for indoor use which is also particularly useful for patient mobility.
Standard features:

Download the PDF brochure:
· With details and technical specifications.
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