Product Specifications

Marina Home Automatic
Dimensions Overall Seat Arm height Full recline
Width 62cm.   /   24.4" 50cm.   /   19.7" 72cm.   /   28.3"  
Depth 80cm.   /   31.5" 49cm.   /   19.3"   170cm.   /   66.9"
Height 128cm.   /   50.4" 52cm.   /   20.5"    
Weight 69Kg.   /   151.8lb      
Maximum load 150Kg.   /   330lb      

Marina Home Automatic Plus (wider seat)
Dimensions Overall Seat Arm height Full recline
Width 67cm.   /   26.4" 56cm.   /   22" 72cm.   /   28.3"  
Depth 75cm.   /   29.5" 49cm.   /   19.3"   170cm.   /   66.9"
Height 127cm.   /   50" 52cm.   /   20.5"    
Weight 75Kg.   /   165lb      
Maximum load 150Kg.   / &nb 330lb      

Optional features

· Battery:
· A rechargeable battery will provide user with a much greater level of autonomy.

· Multiple accessories bar:
· Allows for the attachment of many different accessories such as hanging or drainage bags, an articulating table, a blood donor armrest or an IV pole holder.

· Swing away table:
· Allows users with limited mobilty to use it while eating, reading or computing.

· Head rest:
· The adjustable head rest is removable, and provides greater comfort to the user.

· IV Pole:
· Stainless steel pole that fits into the adjustable IV Pole holder.

· IV Pole holder:
· Attaches to the multiple accessories bar. It is height, tilt and direction adjustable.

· Blood donor arm holder:
· The adjustable donor arm holder provides a comfortable arm position for a donor or patient.

· Oxygen tank holder:
· Attaches to the back of the chair to carry an oxygen cylinder.

Marina Home Automatic

The Marina Home Automatic recliner chair has an elegant design that combines the features of a wheelchair, recliner and a raising chair. The Marina Home Automatic chair not only assists in patient recovery, but makes a caregiver’s life easier. The Marina Home chair is designed for care centers and private homes.
Standard features:

Download the PDF brochure:
· With details and technical specifications.
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