About us

We facilitate the tasks of caregivers and improve their efficiency.

Better care through creative seating

DECAM is a manufacturer of high quality chairs for use in healthcare. DECAM is based in Sant Feliu de Guixols, a Mediterranean coastal resort town in the heart of the Costa Brava near Barcelona.

Our products are designed specifically for the healthcare markets. We offer a variety of chairs with a wide range of useful features and benefits designed to provide solutions for patients, their families and caregivers. DECAM chairs are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

We provide the end user with a high value product and excellent service. Correct delivery – in time and quality - is assured. We provide a fast response to all of our customers’ questions, whether the customer is in Europe, the Americas or other markets.

Permanent Innovation

Each of our products is the result of a significant and careful research and development effort. We collaborate and interact with hospitals, geriatric and other healthcare providers. We design and build prototypes, we test them, and we then redesign them until we achieve the right product that exceeds the needs of the end user.

Our History

One evening while commuting home, one of our founding partners heard someone on the radio complaining about the uncomfortable situation encountered by family members visiting relatives who are hospitalized and who are often faced with standing at the patient’s bedside or sitting in uncomfortable plastic chairs for long periods.

'How come no one invented anything for relatives of patients that let them rest decently? 'My wife has been in the hospital for a month and I was accompanying and caring... Now that she's fine, I'm still with back and neck pain. I would have paid everything to have been able to just rest better while taking care of her'.

This was the inspiration for DECAM’s first chair product – the Marina Chair - a reclining chair which converted to a bed designed to be used by a patient’s family members.

Our Future

DECAM understands that the healthcare world is continuously evolving. Our work with the Marina Chair has given us unique insight into the needs of patients and their caregivers in many environments. Consequently, DECAM has now moved on to develop products which are specifically targeted at the needs of a variety of patents and caregivers.

We are now creating products which go well beyond providing comfort to a patient’s families, and now focus on products which are designed to not only make a patient’s and their caregivers’ life easier, but also to assist the caregivers in improving the efficiency and delivery of their services.

While keeping with its caregiving philosophy borne of its humble origins in Sant Feliu de Guixols, DECAM is currently undergoing a business expansion, reaching out to new markets in Europe, Asia and America through a dealer/partner network.